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Homework Help on Religious Studies Paper

Homework Help on Religious Studies Paper

In the Abrahamic traditions, believers have often interpreted certain biblical stories as illustrations of a divine “test of faith.”

Evaluate this idea, using concrete examples from the text. Is the story of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the second creation story an example of a divine test? Is the story of Abraham and the sacrifice an example of a divine test? (You do not need to include both stories in your essays. And if you’d rather illustrate the “test of faith” with another story or stories in Genesis, feel free to do so.) Homework Help on Religious Studies Paper



If it is a “test of faith,” write an essay that both takes account of the exact details of the text of Genesis itself even while explaining and defending the theological concept of the test.

If you do not think these are stories of tests of faith, how would you describe their purpose and meaning, both for the original audience millennia ago and for readers who still engage these texts today?

In other words, give a “reading” of these stories, explaining why God would put such a tree within humanity’s garden space, given the enormous stakes involved. Or, explain why God would give such a shocking command to kill, given the moral questions surrounding such a command, both then and now. Homework Help on Religious Studies Paper

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