Homeward Bound by Elaine May book review

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How to Write a Book Review The book review is a critical evaluation of a monograph selected by the student and approved by the instructor. The review should summarize the author’s main argument and discuss supporting examples from the book. These examples should be specific enough to prove that you read the entire book. A significant portion of the review should relate the book selected for review to the appropriate section of the main textbook.


Criticisms in this section should focus on differences in interpretation not on the lack or abundance of details in the book under review. The best reviews will include relevant criticisms of the author’s thesis. The reviews should be written in standard formal English with a formal introduction, conclusion, and thesis. SUMMARIZE THE MAIN ARGUMENT: 1. Find the Author’s argument in the introduction, preface and conclusion. 2. Briefly restate this argument in your own words. 3. Recount the important facts, points of evidence, major turning points and interpretations supporting the argument. 4. Was the argument difficult to follow or to understand? 5. How could the author make his or her work more understandable? 6. Was the argument consistent? Hints: 1. Chapter outlines may help you follow your author’s thesis throughout the bo

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