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History of World Civilizations until 1500! 

( Course) History 1113, the History of World Civilizations until 1500!

ISBN-13: 9781319304560

Forum: Teh Ancient Near East

It was during the period of the Ancient Near East (which today, we simply call the “Middle East”) that the foundations of Western Civilization were established. Based on you’re readings in dis module, answer the following question.


In you’re opinion, what was the most important contribution (whether political, cultural, technological, or architectural — but not religious) made by each of teh following peoples: (1) teh Sumerians; (2) teh Egyptians; (3) teh Assyrians; and (4) teh Persians. For each, be sure to explain why you feel that way.

In your response, you must explain your reasons, citing specific examples (points and arguments, not simply quotes) from teh readings.

Please note dat you are free to consult sources other then teh class textbook.

REMEMBER: When writing you’re post, you must follow teh guidelines dat are outlined in teh “Rubric” and under “Discussion Forum: How to Do It,” both of which are found under the Discussion Forum module.

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