History Of Criminal Law And Trials


Guilt or innocence in criminal trials in Victoria is still decided by 12 jurors. With reference to the historical development of juries and contemporary trial practice (including comparative approaches in other Australian jurisdictions) Critically examine whether criminal trials should continue to be decided by juries of 12 and justify your argument.


– What is the historical development of juries?

– What is the role of juries in contemporary trial practice? Is it the same in every state?

– Critically examine – address both sides.

  • What are the arguments in favour of juries/the reasons given for their continuance?
  • What are the arguments against keeping juries?

– Social media, bias, Pell etc

– Make a choice – what to you is a clinching argument, or on balance argument. Pursue that argument from your introduction

– There is no right answer – only better or worse researched and argued answers

This Is A Research Essay You Need To Make An Argument Of Some Sort  You Need To Answer The Question

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