Historical Perspective and Framework

The SLP for this course is based on a manufacturing company of your choice. The factory employs at least 75 workers. You are the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Manager for this company. Your task is to develop aspects of a health and safety program that addresses worker injury and illness prevention, as well as environmental health and safety protection. For this SLP, characterize this company in terms of the following: 1.Determine its location; state and city

2.Identify the impacted community; what are the characteristics of the working population in the facility? What are the characteristics of the community in the neighborhood where the facility is located? 3.Explain its production; what does it manufacture? 4.Identify its processes and hazards; what type of processes does it involve and what type of occupational hazards are workers potentially exposed to? 5.Describe its environmental impacts; what resources does it use for raw materials and energy? What wastes/pollution does it generate?

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