HIST 2610 Reader in American History

HIST 2610 Reader in American History Description HIST 2610 Reader in American History Protocol Step One (Read): SELECT and READ one essay from HISTORY 2610 reader. 1. What is the GIST of the supplementary article? 2. HIGHLIGHT/ISOLATE (key terms and concepts as they relate to the questions asked) 3. NARROW each down into its essential points. Step Two (Introduction): Start the writing and thinking process: 1. Who wrote it? 2. What are its central themes? 3. Why was it written? 4. What lessons can be learned from it? Step Three (Body): 1. CONVERT questions into whole paragraphs. 2. CITE evidence as needed to bolster your position. Step Four (Conclusion): 1. RESTATE crux of document (in a few sentences) 2. ANSWER the question …So what? In other words, what is the big deal concerning this reading? Why is it important to read and ponder? • 12-pt font • double-spaced • at least 1,000 words

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