Health Record Data Management

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Health Record Data Management

Assume that you are the new HIM director of a large healthcare system composed of multiple sub-acute care facilities with locations in multiple states of the US. You could use the example from this website  or other similar health care organization of your choice (the selected organization must extend health care operations in more than one state). The organization uses an EHR but has some paper records, as well. One of your tasks is to put together a health record retention policy for the entire organization. Health Record Data Management


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  • What considerations will you take into account in preparation for drafting your policy?
  • Identify 3 factors that could pose a disaster threat to health information along with suggestions for disaster recovery.
  • Explain how you will be guided by the   (website)>>>    can refer to this website  (AHIMA Code of Ethics)   by specifically identifying the relevant ethics principle(s) and interpreting it in your own words.

Has to have these point:

— Record retention considerations are complete in terms of addressing state, federal, other regulatory organizations, guidelines, or best practices.

—  Disaster planning (threats and disaster recovery suggestions) is addressed.

—  Connections to the AHIMA Code of Ethics are relevant and well-explained

—    The information is well-organized and written

Health Record Data Management

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