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Health Care of Vulnerable Populations

Health Care of Vulnerable Populations
Short response 1. Your friend is a bookkeeper for a very busy two-provider clinic. Managing client accounts that are covered under a myriad of insurance plans providing differing reimbursement rates is taking an increasing amount of time and energy. The providers have already determined not to take any more Medicare or Medicaid clients and are discussing dropping other insurance plans. She has asked you about the legal and ethical implications of this decision. 2. Describe what factors should be considered to ensure that the health care of vulnerable populations meets the IOM six aims. 3. Describe In what ways managed care actually manages costs and analyze if it does so without diminishing the quality of care. If so, how does it accomplish this?


4. Evaluate how third-party payment distorts the market for health care. If it is so distortionary, why does every wealthy country insist on using a third-party intermediary to purchase health care? 5. Describe the new nursing opportunities and roles that are evolving as the ACA is being implemented. 6. Describe the difference between employer-sponsored health insurance plans and private (non-group) plans. 7. Assess how the scope of practice laws for nurse practitioners in your state affect the health care available to various populations and healthcare in general. Health Care of Vulnerable Populations


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