Hashtag Activism?

Length: 4-5 pages double spaced, MLA format, 12-point type Purpose:

In writing this essay, you will learn to: • Argue/advocate for a defined position;

• Logically and coherently arrange an argumentative essay; • Bolster your argument with a minimum of three sources, at least one of which must address a counterargument. Essay Prompt: What is your perspective on #Hashtag Activism, or sometimes referred to as #slactivsm? We have surveyed different viewpoints on the role that social media movements play in today’s society. Some say that a social media component is necessary. Some have voiced that todays’ social media movements pale in comparison to the more effective movements in the past. Some say that only the hybrid model, one that encompasses both social media and in-person protests, is the way to ensure that a change will come. Using the sources that we referenced in class as a starting point, you will be delving further into these questions by finding a minimum of three sources (one of which must address a counterargument) by writing an argumentative essay in which you advance your perspective: is the social media movement the only way to advance change in this country? Or maybe your perspective is that the previous movements are much more effective in making a difference then those of today. Perhaps your view is that hashtag activism is the key to moving our society forward in political engagement. Whatever perspective you have, argue it! Your goals of this assignment:


1. Summarize the debate/controversy surrounding this topic. Give a detailed overview of the problem as you see it. For this you may, for example: a. Explain what Hashtag Activism is b. Explain what Slactivism is and how it came to be c. Give examples of social media movements d. Give statistics/data of social media movements 2. Take a position: what is your perspective on #Hashtag Activism? a. You might say that it is the future of political engagement b. You might say that it is better/worse than the traditional protest movements in the past c. You might say it tends to be in more effective in some countries and not in others d. You might say that due to the limited attention span of today’s society, social media movements will struggle to effectuate actual change e. You may side with one of the perspectives that you summarize f. You may offer a solution to the problem Your essay should raise at least three points in support of your argument and at least one counterargument. In writing this essay, you are to consider a general audience. That is, do not assume your reader knows this issue in-depth and think about how many issues are involved in this complex debate. Your ultimate goal is to win the audience over with an effective argument. Objectives: • Content/Organization: o Engaging title o Consistent awareness of purpose and audience. You should maintain the academic voice (third person perspective) and avoid the casual interruption of personal opinion. o A substantial introduction that addresses your reading audience with an introductory hook and concludes with an argumentative thesis. The introductory paragraph should also include a statement that presents your main idea and subtopics that will appear in your body paragraphs (It is ok if you achieve both of these objectives within the thesis statement). o Supporting evidence and relevant source discussion. You must provide at least three sources in this paper and at least one should address a counterargument. • Style/Mechanics: o Varied sentence structure (This means you should not write the same type of sentence over and over again. I’m looking for variety and style). o Strong, seamless transition sentences must connect each body paragraph (see Rules for Writers pgs. 61-63 or Section 3d). o Sentence clarity. Be sure to avoid sentence fragments, run-ons, dangling modifiers, mixed constructions, use of the passive voice, and other grammar snags. o Use of effective paragraph-level and sentence-level transitions

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