Harlem Justice Center dealing with mental help

The Harlem Community Justice Center seeks to solve neighborhood problems—including youth crime, landlord-tenant disputes, and the challenges faced by parolees—in East and Central Harlem. As a multi-jurisdictional civil and family court, Harlem is unique among community courts. Among the many non-traditional services the Justice Center has assembled under one roof are: programs to help local landlords and tenants resolve conflicts and access financial support; programs for at-risk youth, including a youth court; and reentry programs for both juvenile and adult ex-offenders returning to the community. Ultimately, the project’s long-term goal is to test the extent to which a court can work together with a community to spur neighborhood renewal. To read a summary of results from the Harlem Community Justice Center, including caseload and impacts on crime reduction, improved school attendance, and eviction prevention.

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