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Description The readings in the government section lead us to question when it is the duty of an individual to follow their government and when it is the duty of the individual to resist. Research this topic using CREDIBLE sources (please see 。 and for assistance). Using your research, answer the following: When is it the duty of a citizen to resist their government? What methods should be used in this resistance? How far should the resistance go, and when should a citizen (or citizens) compromise? Your answer to this question cannot be “all the time” or “none of the time.” Research papers should have a minimum of 5 sources. Two of these sources must be actual print sources. The other three should come from academic databases. Papers should be 7-10 pages in length and in MLA format. Papers should have good quotations that are properly embedded and support the argument. Be sure to attribute your research to the source from which it comes. Attach a complete bibliography of ALL sources you looked at, whether you quoted from the source or not.


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