Goods and Services

Goods and Services

Goods and Services

Marketing management week discussion “Goods and Services” From…


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Marketing management week discussion “Goods and Services” From

attached file, predict which products will be a hit and which products will be a flop. Provide a rationale for your selections. ~100 words in apa format please.


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3014By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAYUpdated 1/9/2012 8:00 PMSponsored LinksSanford Brown™ InstituteThe Official Sanford Brown™ Site. ClassesStart Nov. 28th. Enroll Now!Trevose.SanfordBrown-Online.comSanford Brown TrevoseStudy The Healthcare Field. Financial AidAvailable-Apply Now! refinancing optionsHome Equity Rapid Refinance Loans a link hereReprints & PermissionsTrend alert: 10 new products to watch for in 2012Gosh, I’m smart.That’s how the big consumer-packaged-goods players —from Procter & Gamble to Kraft to Kimberly-Clark — wantyou to feel about yourself for buying the new householdproducts that they’ll be rolling out in 2012.Some will try to make you feel smart for saving money.Some, for saving time. And some for being a tad ahead ofthe cultural curve. New products are the life blood ofbrands — making them even more crucial in a topsy-turvyeconomy. The goal in 2012 isn’t just to get you to buy thenew product, but also to nudge you to very publicly gloaton Facebook, Twitter or YouTube about how savvy youwere to make the purchase.PHOTOS:See the hot products and marketing trends for2012STORY:January is bargain season at Taco Bell, PizzaHut, Wendy’sNot only is it free advertising, it’s the most effective kind.It’s where we increasingly go to find out about newproducts. The number of folks who turned to social mediaas a source to learn about new products more thandoubled over just the past year — from 24% in 2010 to49% in 2011, reports a new study by Sentient DecisionScience for Schneider Public Relations.“Smart is the ultimate weapon in social volleyball,” saystrends spotterMarian Salzman. “It’s the new game people play, lobbing 140 charactershere, there and everywhere.”But the great race to catch the public’s fancy with a new food, drink or gadget will almostcertainly have fewer entries this year.U.S.product introductions will likely shrink in 2012,projects Mintel, the research giant. They shrank in 2011, too, to about 37,600 vs. roughly41,000 in 2010, Mintel reports.In some cases, consumers will even be willing to spend more to get less. “But there mustbe a benefit that outweighs the ‘less-ness’ of the product,” says Lynn Dornblaser, newproducts guru at Mintel.byTaboolaMost Popular E-mail NewsletterVideos you may be interested inMost PopularStoriesHF TestGPS navi on windshield illegal in many...Police end ‘free sex after nine car washes’VideosEd Baig reviews Kindle Paperwhite‘Pregnant man’ struggles through nasty divorceTennis Channel Court Report 9-30-2012PhotosStarbucks: A photo timelineFawlty Towers nude resortMcDonald’s renovatedSign up to get:Top viewed stories, photo galleriesand community posts of the dayMost popular right now:HF TestHomeNewsTravelMoneySportsLifeTechWeatherMoneyGoogle USA TODAY stories, photos and moreSubscribeMobileJoin USA TODAYSign in|Become a memberDJIA13,107.21+3.53NASDAQ2,987.95+1.83S&P 5001,411.94-1.03GET A QUOTE:as of 04:05 PMRecommend3Procter & GambleProcter & Gamble hopes Tide Pods helpstransform the way you do laundry.Hurricane Sandysends wavesstruggles throughnasty divorceOnTheBorderSpecialsEndlessEnchiladas $8.99Sponsored LinkMore videosMoney:||||||||MarketsEconomyPersonal FinanceStocksMutual FundsETFsCarsReal EstateSmall Business
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