Good Health and Wellness in Indian County: mock program evaluation plan

Your final project for this course is the creation of a mock program evaluation plan using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health. The mock evaluation plan will correspond to the CDC framework steps, including identifying stakeholders, describing the program that will be evaluated, selecting the evaluation design, suggesting credible evidence, and summarizing how these potential findings will be communicated. Selected Program Good Health and Wellness in Indian County (link: This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:

 Develop evidence-based goals for evaluating public health programs that are designed to reach public health audiences

 Analyze specific communities through different social and behavioral lenses for informing program evaluations of public health programs  Determine evaluation design components appropriate for evaluating the effectiveness of public health programs  Develop valid and reliable measurement strategies to be used in evaluating public health programs in specific communities Prompt: Conduct research on the program you selected and create a plan for evaluating the success of the program.


You should use at least four relevant sources to support your evaluation plan. Your evaluation plan must address the following critical elements: I. Program Evaluation Background: In this section, you will distill the background research you conducted on the public health issue that was targeted by the program you selected.

A. Provide an overview of the issue targeted by the selected program, including the affected community, using current published literature. Be sure to support your response with any relevant programs, evaluations, campaigns, and/or studies that have addressed your selected issue.

B. Discuss what you are hoping to accomplish or determine by conducting an evaluation of the selected program and what audience(s) this evaluation would be most relevant for. C. Develop goals for conducting your evaluation. Justify the appropriateness and relevance of your goals using current published literature. D. Analyze social theories, behavior models, health disparities, and social determinants of health for how they impact program evaluations for affected communities. D-1. Explain the social theories or health behavior models that apply to the selected program and affected community. Be sure to support your explanation with specific examples from credible sources. D-2. Describe how health disparities in the selected community will impact the conduct of this program evaluation. D-3. Describe how social determinants of health within your selected community will impact the conduct of the program evaluation. II.Program Evaluation Design: In this section, you will define and defend how you have focused your evaluation process, including what questions you intend to answer in your investigation. A. Explain the type of evaluation you will use when evaluating the selected program, and justify why this type of evaluation will help you meet the goals you have identified. B. Discuss the types of evaluation questions that can be addressed using your selected evaluation design. C. Defend how the evaluation type you have selected will ensure use of the findings and provide lessons learned that will continue to improve programs targeting this issue. III. Program Evaluation Methods: In this section, you will explain how you plan to collect the data you need to complete your evaluation of your chosen public health program. A. Develop a measurement strategy for your program evaluation that defines the general methods and specific tools you will use to collect data. Consider: Will you use focus groups and/or surveys? What kinds of measurement tools are most appropriate for this evaluation? B. Justify your measurement strategy in terms of validity. Be sure to address both the internal and external validity. C. Justify your measurement strategy using the concepts of reliability. Be sure to address both the internal consistency and stability of your measurement strategy. V. Conclusion: Develop goals for communicating your findings to a variety of potential audiences. Consider: If you are communicating with a scientific

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