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When Do You Know You’ve Gone Too Far with Your Studies?

You are taught the value of an education as early as you can comprehend what one is. You are encouraged to select a career path, and  to take the prescribed course of learning to get there. This path involves various levels of study such as secondary (high school) and tertiary (college). The tertiary level of study gives you the freedom to establish your own schedule. This can be to your detriment at times, as you may end up taking your studies a bit too far. Here are three indications that you may be overdoing it.

Too Many Classes

The first mistake people do is signing up for too many classes. This comes in two forms:

  • Quantity – This means that the number of total classes on your weekly schedule is overwhelming based on your ability. While there may be reasons for this such as a desire to pursue a double major, not everyone can accommodate a rigorous class schedule. If you can only handle five courses in a semester, then don’t sign up for seven as you risk failure in one or more of them.
  • Placement – Having too many classes overall is bad enough, but another common mistake made by college students is putting the classes too close together. Again, this is highly subjective as some students have no problem sitting through six hours of lectures in a row, but others experience diminishing returns in learning after the first two.

Generally, you want to ensure that your class spacing for each day is comfortable enough to promote your productivity and alertness. Additionally, your weekly schedule should allow you to comfortably take care of assignments, extra-curricular activities, and personal needs.

Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is the life story of many college students. Be that as it may, it is an unhealthy lifestyle as the body’s natural recharging mechanism is being impeded. You need to ensure that you can get no less than six hours of sleep daily. Try to slot assignments in during free periods or make use of one of the many homework helper programs available either on campus or online.

Remember, one of the lessons you are expected to learn in college is to be resourceful.  Ask around on campus, check notice boards, or use your favorite search engine to find an optimal homework helper. Not only can you cut down the time spent on your assignments, but you also get to learn from the assistance provided.

Losing Track of Your Life

Establishing balance can be tricky as you want to avoid becoming a procrastinator. However, if your college life is so study oriented that you start compromising your basic human needs and/or the basic social aspects of your life, it may be time for a review.

Though you are expected to be an exceptional student, do not forget that you are a person first and you should never be too busy to stop and smell the roses.


Focusing on your studies is important if you want to achieve success, however, be careful and try not to overdo it. Maintaining a proper balance helps you to stay grounded, and it prevents you from being deterred from your career path due to the struggle involved.

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