Please read the Instructions very carefully and understand the questions before you answer.

Instructions: First Question is based on your first doing the following and taking notes.

Watch the Rainer Strack Video to fully understand the Workforce Changes which are coming given below.

In addition, you should read the article on the course website “Aging of the World Population and its effect on Global Business”.

After that Watch all the Google HR videos from the top Google HR executives on the workforce given below. You can do additional research on Google’s work force strategy as well if you like.

Google HR – HR Manager – 10 minutes

Google’s HR Video – 20 minutes

Best practices HR tips from Google

Now answer this question: From the perspective of the Rainer Strack Video on coming workforce changes as well as the article on global population changes, evaluate Google’s HR strategy for its effectiveness in the future. Explain and evaluate Google’s HR strategy for its effectiveness in depth with reference to your knowledge of Strategic Human Resource Management readings in the first five chapters as well as discussions we have had in class.

Organize your answer carefully and use subtitles as needed. Make sure you proofread very carefully before you submit. I am looking for a thoughtful and an in depth integrative answer to the question and not your simply describing or reciting what you have seen or read. (5-6 pages and worth 100 points).

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