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Give a description of the section of your community that you chose to survey,

Write a 4-5 pages Introduction to the community ( Hispanic in rural Agricultural area) including the name of the community and any interesting or historical facts you would like to add about the community

Give a description of the section of your community that you chose to survey ( Hispanics in Charlotte County, FL)

· Description of the Vulnerable Population and Available Resources


o Demographics of the vulnerable population

o What social determinants create their vulnerable status?

o What community strengths exist to assist this population?

· Conclusions based on Nursing Assessment of the Community

o Based on what you have found, what conclusions can you draw about your community and your selected population

· Select at least 8 scholarly resources to support your assessment. Websites may be included but the paper must include scholarly resources in its development.

“Windshield Survey” in a section of your community. Instructions for the survey can be found in Stanhope and Lancaster (2016) on page 416, Table 18-6.

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