Geology homework help

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Watch this video about (Earthquake Country Los Angeles)

and ANSWER these questions carefully.
1) What is the general orientation of the Transverse Ranges geomorphic province and how does that orientation differ from other California Geomorphic provinces?
2) When did the Pacific Plate first begin scraping against the edge of North America?
3) What is the total length of the San Andreas fault and where are it’s southerly and northerly end points? What are some of the key faults parallel to the San Andreas fault?
4) Where do the San Jacinto fault and San Andreas fault merge?  Geology homework help.


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5) The San Andreas fault is subdivided into multiple “segments”. When did the Southern Section of the San Andreas fault last experience a major rupture? What was the approximate recurrence interval of the Southern Section before the last major earthquake and how much time has elapsed since that rupture? How much stress has accumulated since that time? (NOTE: the film you are viewing was produced in 2004. Recalculate that value to estimate the accumulated stress for 2020).
6) What is the approximate length and seismogenic depth of the Hollywood fault? What overall magnitude and maximum displacement is possible on a maximum rupture of the Hollywood fault?
7) What type of faults generated the 1971 San Fernando (Sylmar) Earthquake and the 1994 Northridge Earthquake?
8) In the film we see a comparison between the frequency of earthquake waves and the frequency of a string instrument. What controls the earthquake frequencies & describe which wave frequencies affect low, medium and tall structures? How does Alluvium affect ground shaking?
9) Describe the overall motion of a Rayleigh wave.
10) Describe at least two methods of increasing the shear strength of a house.  Geology homework help.

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