GENE60 Cells, Genes & Molecules

Learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the structure and function of genomes, genes, DNA, RNA, and protein.

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2. Describe how genetic information is stored and propagated.


A: Experiments that proved DNA is the genetic material

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1. You will create a timeline using the graph below. Find out the date of each of the experiments carried out by the following people and place them on your timeline. The earliest work should be at the top.

2. On your timeline, indicate the major finding(s) for each.


a) William Astbury

b) Avery, McCarty, & McLeod

c) Charles Darwin

d) Frederick Griffiths

e) Joachim Hammerling

f) Alfred Hershey & Martha Chase

g) Albrecht Kossel

h) Phoebus Levene

i) Friedrich Miescher

j) Gregor Mendel

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