Gender and Power Midterm Paper

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Gender and Power Midterm Paper


Consider Sé Sullivan’s quote: “How did you get your gender? Who gave it to you?” While this quote acts as an individual directive for reflection, Sullivan’s quote allows for us to interrogate the role of the various apparatuses of power–the state, capital, mass media culture, hegemonic cultural and social norms–in shaping not only individual gender expression, but in understanding gender as a whole as a category for difference-making.

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Utilizing the material from weeks one through three, answer the question, How are gender, power, and oppression fundamentally interlinked throughout the history of the United States?

Things you will want to touch upon include: what gives the gender binary its power? How are the ways we understand gender and sex fundamentally intertwined with race and colonialism? What is the relationship between medicine/science, the state, and gender regimes? What are the different forms that resistance to these regimes of power might take?


You will be required to utilize at least three course readings (including required readings), and this project must be at least 500 words (not including citations, works cited page, title, and name/date/course code).

While you can use a connection you developed in a weekly reflection paper as a starting point, you must substantially expand upon that connection. You must cite all your sources properly, even if you are paraphrasing in order to succeed at this assignment.




Gender and Power Midterm Paper

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