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A well-written and organized coursework, GCSE or other, normally has three sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Results and Analysis
  3. Conclusion

Coursework Writing: Introduction

When writing your coursework, we will start with the development of a hypothesis. Having introduced your topic and created a contents page, our writers will choose 4 to 5 hypothesis to be researched in your paper. We certainly will not forget to include a page with terminology, state specific predictions and expectations from the study to be conducted.

The topic of your project is not specified? No problem! Our professional writers will choose the one for YOU, covering the issues discussed in class and meeting all the instructions of your teacher.

Need a pilot study?

This is also not a problem! Our writers will examine the research question you specify or will offer you several issues to choose from. We will select methodology that will fit best the investigation of it – years of experience did not pass by in vain…

We will also provide a detailed account of how exactly the study was conducted.

You will see – coursework writing, whether GCSE or any other – AS, A2, I.B., Undergraduate, Masters, PhD – can be fun!

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Coursework Writing: Results and Analysis

Need a variety of complicated diagrams, maps, tables?

Well… our writers will handle that for an A+!

Summary table, tables or pie charts – whatever you feel is more appropriate for you and your paper. If you are not certain – we will do the selection for you!

Appropriate presentation of the results must show that you actually understand the subject matter discussed. A writer will differentiate between the raw data and the data presented in a summary table.

Appendices included!

During the coursework writing process, we will also include the interpretations of the results received.

Would like to include the comments of the participants of the study?

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Coursework Writing: Conclusion

During the third and final part of the coursework writing process, we will objectively evaluate the methods used to conduct the study, the procedure design and the potential external factors that might have influenced the objectivity of the results, e.g. location, controls, ethical issues.

We will criticize and comment, analyze critically, and write… write… write.. your coursework!

  • Writers will include analysis of the effects that externalities could potentially have on the results.
  • We will also indicate the possible improvements, applications of research, and suggestions for further investigations.
  • The closing point is the bibliography with properly referenced, up to date, relevant and reputable sources. Title page, correct layout and formatting, and voila!

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