France vs the United States health care

Country France vs the united states Health care see attachment

Term Paper Outline and References

During this module, you are required to outline your Term Paper based on the references you have found to date and what you wish to write about. Every paper will outline differently, depending on the references and content found. You should use the Term Paper template in Doc Sharing as a guide. Your outline will help you write the content of your paper and create a flow. Your completed assignment will include a cover page with your title that includes the country you have chosen, your outline, and a reference page in APA formatting.

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For the outline required on module 3, make sure you write 1-2 pages, no more, do not exceed the length criteria, you can add any topic you need to include it in your paper, make sure that topic will be related to your paper requirements. Here are some tips, read them and try to use them effectively.  

Initial Introduction: What you wish to show in your research and with your topic.

Final Instruction: summary of key points of your paper.  Include the name of the country reviewed, highlights regarding population and health status, services available, expenditures and financing,  internal and external influences or factors, and concluding comments/lessons learned.

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