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write a introduction and conclusion based on the finding of the literature review. combine all the literature review themes in order so it flow. you can highlight the main theme at the beginning of the paragraph.(I will send all the theme papers that you did so you can organize them for the body). after add all the sources from the paper for the reference pages. 2) introduction:should Consist of a summary of the research paper (1-2 pages). a. 1st section should answer these question.what you are studying and why it may be important (what’s your interest?) b. 2nd paragraph (1-2 paragraphs) Summary of interesting/important findings from the literature review section (what have others found in relation to the topic?). c. 3rd section (1 paragraph) Summary of most important implications of your research paper. CONCLUSION: Discussion/Conclusions: Consists of a detailed discussion of the importance of what you found and what it means to the real world (total of 1-2 pages): a. 1st section SHOULD Reiterate why the research is important to you. B. 2nd section  Discuss the major findings in a way that highlights those important aspects you raised. c. 3rd section SHOULD Highlight future directions for research in the area (i.e. what needs to still be understood) .


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