Forensic psychology,



The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to reading primary empirical research in the field of forensic psychology, while also serving to develop and exercise both your critical thinking and writing skills.





You are required to write an article summary that reviews the key components of your selected study and briefly discusses its findings/importance in the context of related research (as discussed in your textbook). General requirements and specific directions are provided below.





  • 6 – 10 pages in length, 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced (marks will be removed if you go over this limit).
  • The title page and reference page is not included in the above page limits.
  • Use clear and concise writing in essay/narrative form (i.e., proper/complete sentence and paragraph structure, well organized, no point form).
  • Use headings to facilitate your paper’s organization.
  • Formal formatting style (e.g., American Psychological Association style) is not required – however, ensure your paper is neat and organized, and that you use a consistent method to cite/quote where necessary.
  • Do not plagiarize. Do not copy sections from the article into your summary. You will need to paraphrase. Never copy more than 3 – 4 words in a row from a source without using quotation marks and providing citation (author, year, page number).
  • Minimize the use of direct quotes from the article or textbook. You need to paraphrase instead of quoting from the article or textbook.
  • Avoid superficial, surface-level description when summarizing your article. Instead, ensure that your paper is of substance by providing detailed, in-depth explanation – this will better demonstrate your understanding.



In order to provide a clear and comprehensive summary, be sure that your paper addresses the following points (where applicable). Corresponding mark distribution is also provided. The written assignment will be marked out of 60.

Introduction (10 MARKS)

  • Identify the purpose of the study. What is/are the research question(s) being studied?
  • What is/are the hypothesis/hypotheses? If no predictions were posed, develop your own prediction for the study.
  • Why is the study important? Comment briefly in the context of past research reviewed by the author(s).


Method (8 MARKS)

  • Describe the sample that was used in the study (e.g., who were the participants? How were they sampled/selected/assigned to groups? Number of participants; Describe the demographics of the sample)
  • How did the researchers collect the data?
  • Describe one questionnaire, measure or task used in the study.


Analyses & Results (8 MARKS)

  • Identify/describe ONE type of statistical analyses used (do NOT describe a procedure or measure)
  • Identify and briefly describe ONE table or figure included in the article.
  • Describe ONE of the major findings.


Discussion (12 MARKS)

  • Did the results support the study’s hypothesis/hypotheses or your predictions? Explain.
  • What is ONE practical or applied implication of this study?
  • Describe TWO limitations of the study?
  • Describe TWO strengths of the study?


Compare & Contrast (12 MARKS)

  • Discuss your study’s findings/importance in the context of related research (as discussed in your textbook).  
  • Do the findings of your study seem consistent with, or in contrast to, the results of similar research? How so?
  • Describe what future research should be done in this area (you only need to describe ONE suggestion for future research). Include a prediction you would want to test in the future research.


General Writing (10 MARKS)

  • Adhere to the general requirements described above (e.g., page limits, clear/concise writing, well-organized paper of substance, etc.).
  • Proof-read your paper (ensure proper grammar/spelling and sentence/paragraph structure, avoid typos, etc.)
  • Ensure you have provided citations, avoided the use of direct quotes (a couple are fine), paraphrased the information from the article (still need to cite the article even if you have paraphrased).



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