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Using the state in which you live (or another state of your choice), create a PowerPoint slide show explaining the state election, campaign process, party politics, legislative organization, and procedure. Your slide show should consist of 10 to 14 slides (not including a title slide and reference slide) and should include, but is not limited to:


 Political party structure/make-up


 Types of primaries


 State party organizations


 State government structure


 Campaign methods of a state candidate/incumbent


 Make-up of your state legislature (i.e., gender, age, profession)


 Apportioning and districting information


 Legislative institutionalization of your state


 Party issues in your state


You may include additional information you feel is relevant, but do not create more than 14 slides. You must also include at least three graphics (i.e. picture, map, graph, etc.). You may use one of each type of graphic or the same type of graphic, but your presentation should have at least three graphics. In addition to the 10-14 slides, you must include a title slide and a reference slide. Use your creativity, and organize the material in a logical and understandable manner.


This assignment requires Microsoft PowerPoint or a comparable presentation program. Other programs include Open Office at and Google Docs at Google docs is a free program similar to MSOffice and housed on the web. Open Office is a piece of open source software similar to MSOffice but requires a download and installation.

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