Food Sustainability

You are required to write an essay in which you explore and evaluate the issue concerned. You should support your argument with relevant research from academic and up to date sources in order to demonstrate your wider reading around the subject and to demonstrate your understanding of the impacts and implications relating to the issue. 1.It might be argued that “the food and beverage industry is extremely wasteful when it comes to matters of food production,” (Blythman, 2004, p.67). Discuss how the Food and Beverage Industry can contribute to ensuring that it works within the parameters of a sustainable food production system. This report should contain no fewer than 30 references, of which at least 20 are from academic journal articles or other academic sources, the remainder should be from factual sources such as trade magazines or Industry/Government institutions. Harvard style. When paraphrasing you must also give the source. Turn-it-in generates a report highlighting non-original text and it generates a non-originality index. There is no ‘correct’ percentage level for the non-originality index as this depends on the nature of your work and the way you use your sources.

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