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Finance Taxable Income

1.      ABC has net income of $10,000; dividends of $5,000; ending retained earnings of $20,000. Compute beginning retained earnings.


a)      $20,000


b)      $15,000

c)      $25,000

d)     $5,000

e)      $10,000

2.      Theresa’s Boutique, Inc., has taxable income of $82,348. How much does Theresa’s owe in taxes? Use the tax table to get the answer.


a)      $13,750

b)      $14,689

c)      $27,998

d)     $16,248

e)      $20,587


3.      A sole proprietorship:


a)      Provides limited liability for its owner.

b)      Involves significant legal costs during the formation process.

c)      Has an unlimited life.

d)     Has its profits taxed as personal income.

e)      Can generally raise significant capital from non-owner sources.


4.      The dividend payments are tax-deductible.


a)      True

b)      False

5.      When a firm decides to issue stock to raise funds, the company is making a(n) __________ decision.

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