Final Project: Analysis Term Paper

As we analyzed and discussed the study of human relations we discovered that it is rooted in the combination of theories from the fields of psychology, sociology, and management.


Your final course paper should reflect the above citing “specific” theories to validate your claims and thoughts on any subject or topic we have or will continue to cover in the course, e.g., “Massive Incarceration of African-American Men/Women”, “Domestic Violence”, “Serial Killers”, “Diversity In the Workplace: Is It Diverse?”, “Sexual Harassment In the Workplace”, “The Changing Roles of Men/Women In Society”, etc.



Select a topic for your analysis paper.  The topic can be based on any subject we have covered in class.  Keep in mind that this assignment requires that you do research. 


1)  Includes at least five properly cited sources.  (Wikipedia is NOT acceptable!)

2)  Uses of proper MLA formatting including reference page separately. Read Handbook.


Paper should be double-spaced, Times Roman, 12 point font size, half-inch margins.


Directions:  must discuss at least three theories and two-three concepts covered this semester and the person(s) responsible for introducing/proposing these theories.  If you are vague and general points will be deducted, e.g., Lee’s model on “Love Styles,” Freud’s “Psychoanalytical Perspective,” “Ethnocentrism – The Foundation of Prejudice,” etc. The “Introduction” should include a clear “Thesis” statement and the “Body” of the paper must have examples and illustrations that will support your thoughts.


You Must Include a Case/Scientific Study To Support Your Work.


What is the scientific study?

Scientific study may refer to: Scientific method, a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, based on empirical or measurable evidence that is subject to the principles of logic and reasoning. An example given in class – Clarke Doll Study On Race Relations.

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