Final individual assignment.

The final assignment is a continuation of the first assignment: Good Ad/ Bad Ad. For this you will need your first assignment – please attach the copy of your good ad/ bad ad analysis at the end of this assignment when you turn in this in on Compass – Individual assignments – Final individual assignment.

 This final is intended to apply some class concepts to your bad ad in order to thoughtfully assess whether you still believe that it is truly bad, and, more importantly, how it might be improved. You can change your mind completely, partially, or not at all, but whatever you decide, I do want you to convince me of your conclusion.

You will need to do some very basic background research on the client, category, campaign and/or competitors in order to be able to answer the questions credibly- however, this assignment is not about extensive background information, it is about using the evidence to justify your conclusion. In some places, I do note that material came specifically from lectures or readings as a hint.


You just got a job (congratulations!) and you are excited to actually start doing what you have studied in school. Then your boss tells you that the first client you are working on is the brand from your bad ad (sorry!). Your new team shows you their most recent work for the brand (the bad ad) before they release it to the public because they want to get your feedback and thoughts on the ad


Medium the ad appeared in: 

What is the communication objective (goal) for this ad? (goals and objectives)

 How is this ad trying to achieve the objective?

What is the category that this brand/product competes in?

Who are the primary competitors?

Who is the core target consumer; what are they like in relation to the product? (no demographics!). Please cite at least one resource that led you to, or confirmed, this target (e.g. social media, database, news article, etc.).   

What are the goals of the consumer when it comes to this product and/or category?  

 Should give some realistic things that a consumer wants out of the category and/or product. Not necessarily the things that are featured in the ad. Similar to beginning of class/ early Fortini-Campbell chapters

 For the product/brand, list the most relevant attribute, benefit, and value (Chpt 10 F-C + lecture).







Did the ad match the goals of the advertiser with the goals of the audience? How did they match or mismatch?

Ask another person (friend, roommate, parent, etc.) what are the first words they think of when they think of the product/category? Also, what do they care about for the category/product? Note who the person was (no name, just relationship) and what their responses are.  

Show a different person your ad and ask them to tell you the first thoughts that come to mind about the ad and write them here (keep in mind that they may not be the target for your ad, but first reactions can still be useful). Note who the person was (no name, just relationship) and what their responses are.  

Also ask that same person what they think the message of the ad is:


Ok, time to tell your new co-workers your assessment of their ad….

Do you think that if they ran this ad that they would successfully achieve their objective for the client? Why or why not? 

Is this a bad ad, a good ad or neither? Why? Did you change your mind since the first assignment or did your assessment reinforce what you previously thought?

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