Fielding issues of the MRAP and include hazards and mitigation efforts to make the MRAP safer for Soldiers.

You will conduct research on the MRAP vehicle and prepare an information paper (see attached for format) that describes the fielding of the MRAP and the safety problems or concerns associated with the vehicle. Your paper will be in the following format: a. Three or four pages with 1-inch margins and double spaced. b. Use the font style Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11. c. Use the Information Paper format (see attached). d. List references on a separate page.

Reference page will not be counted as one of the three-four pages. 3. The paper must discuss issues with fielding, hazards identified, and mitigation efforts to reduce risk to our Soldiers. Identify specific hazards and mitigation efforts – remember this is about system safety. 4. Do not plagiarize – either paraphrase and/or cite the source(s) of quotes used. Use a parenthetical citation after the text you quoted; for example, (Jones, 2011) and be sure to list the publication in your list of references. Please refer to the attachments for clear instructions to complete this order. 1. Information Paper instructions 2. System Safety PE 1_3MRAP 3. System Safety PE_MRAP Rubric 4. MRAP Info 5. MRAP History 6. Rapid Acquisition of MRAP Vehicle

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