Feminist Theory

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 Your final will consist of two essays – drawn from the following two questions. Please prepare your essays and be prepared to answer two questions. 1. Intersectionality Many contemporary sociologists have argued that we need to analyze social inequality not through single variables such as class, race or gender, but through their intersections. Choose any social problem or social phenomenon and discuss what, specifically, an inter sectional approach adds to its analysis. You may proceed comparatively, showing the differences between analyses that address only one category and those that work at their intersections. In your answer, please refer to feminist literature and theory to illustrate and substantiate your points. 2. ON FEMINIST THEORIES OF WORK Workplaces are key sites for the reproduction of gender, race sexual orientation and social class inequalities and employers and coworkers whether consciously or not how play roles in keeping some groups insubordinate statuses and in superordinate ones. Choose one subordinated group – (e.g, women, racial ethnic minorities, Sexual minorities, or lower/working-class people”) and describe the mechanisms in workplaces and the actions of employers and coworkers that perpetuate the groups subordinate status. What policies could be enacted to change the situation, and which are most likely to be effective?


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