Failure Of The United States Medical System

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Failure Of The United States Medical System


This paper aims to describe the flaws involved in the American medical system. The paper discusses the key issues related to the medical system of United States and highlights that how the American Medical system faced the crucial time. The paper gives an idea about the policies resulted in the failures of medical system. In the end I have concluded my paper by highlighting some of the key issues which needs to be considering by the Obama in order to design the health reform for United States.Failure Of The United States Medical System

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Failure of the United States medical System


The health system of United States is not perfect Of course; everyone knows that people at Harvard know everything. it is assumed that many of those here, are economist or a political scientist, so I’m more interested in the political process, I been following what has been happening in our ongoing effort to make health reform and that’s why I’m going to talk on The system of the United States, it is very different from other system. A system that Harvard, a World Bank program, when we teach about Health systems and strengthen a health system or health reform, we try of using the U.S. as an example of how not to do things. (Aday, L. A. 2001) So what I will tell you, I must make it clear how our system work and then talk about reform. I hope we can draw some lessons, which will be useful in thinking about reforming the current health system, here in United States. Let’s discuss the health system of the United States: first of all, never intended, until recently, trying to have a Universal Health System, unlike many other countries and the efforts made by the United States includes the large private sector and a large private insurance system and have always had for a long time in our history.Failure Of The United States Medical System



It is a surprise to many, however, discover that health costs are paid by almost 50%, by public insurance systems, the two systems sure that we launched in the 60’s: the Medicare system for elderly people and Medicaid for poor, this covers about 50% of expenditures. In large part, for people who are older everything tends to have a higher cost, as well as those who are poor. (Barlett, D. L., 2004) The remainder of system is mostly private, usually those in the insurance system private, is because the employer offers the employee an agreement it has reached private insurance and part of the cost of the insurance premium is paid by the employer. More and more employers are requiring employees to pay a larger percentage of the premium cost. I am Disappointed to see that most of the objectives of the Obama administration are reduce the number of people who are not poor, nor old, but not in ability to afford private insurance, either through their employer or an independent. I think we have the situation called “population sandwich “these are people who do …Failure Of The United States Medical System

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