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Explain your next steps, addressing the following points

500 words

EMRs contain a wealth of information, including demographic, administrative, and clinical data. This data may be used internally for a variety of purposes, from quality improvement to medical research.

You recently obtained a management position in the medical records department within a hospital. Your responsibilities include running reports out of the EMR system, which you then send to various committees within the hospital. This morning, you ran your first reports and are preparing them for distribution. Since you are new to this position, you compared the reports you pulled this morning with previous ones you found in the completed” file in your desk. You realize your predecessor had been pulling the wrong data. You have verified this through several means and now must determine how to proceed.


Explain your next steps, addressing the following points:

  • Should you inform others of this error? If so, whom?
  • If you decide to inform others of the error, briefly describe the narrative you will use.
  • Briefly describe how you should proceed with “cleaning up” this issue. Keep in mind, the committees that use this data often reference older reports and compare that data with current reports.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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