Explain what customer journey”, “customer experience” and “customer mapping” mean in the context of the theme park you design.

The assignment is:


You have been appointed as the first marketing director for “Future” which will be a new Hong Kong based theme park.  The theme park has yet to be built and as such you have much scope to define its nature.  In this you can be highly creative.  It is important that it provides customers with something different to either “Ocean Park” or “HK Disney” in terms of experience.  The owners are also aware that existing theme parks employ concepts such as “customer journey”, “customer experience” and “customer mapping” in their marketing activities as a means to differentiate what they do and build customer loyalty.  In designing your theme park it is critical that you consider these three areas.  YOU may focus at a holistic level i.e. the whole park or look at one element of the larger park.



Your brief is to produce a business report

Explain what customer journey”, “customer experience” and “customer mapping” mean in the context of the theme park you design.

Outline with examples how they can be used.  You need to identify industry best practice from a range of existing theme parks to guide you in developing your examples.  Think about this in terms of touch points at pre-experience, consumption and post experience.

Consider and provide evidence as to how the strategies you identify can support the experience of the customer to develop positive WOM and underpin relationship management opportunities.



Key Specifications and Requirements:


Assignment is to be written in professional report format.


Assignment length – 3000 (not including cover page, executive summary, contents, data charts, references and appendices.  Mark penalties will be applied in accordance with guidelines.



You must acknowledge any factual sources of information and include references to ideas, assertion or concepts used in your discussion.  Failure to adequately referencing resources is treated as plagiarism under regulation


You must use Harvard Referencing System to state any factual sources of information in the text and the list of references.  You can find further detail in the Business School Study Skills Handbook.


It may help to have someone read through your assignment in draft form, to detect any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typing errors or confusion in your use of language. Careless work rarely achieves top marks and good presentation can help a strong argument to be understood more easily.


Content Requirement, students must demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the subject area in question.
  • The ability to search out additional (relevant) material to that given in the lecture.
  • The ability to marshal material into logical and coherent lines of reasoning in a critical and analytical fashion.
  • The ability to inform the reader whilst answering the question.
  • The ability to acknowledge the contribution of others with accurate and appropriate referencing (use Harvard Referencing System).


The use of web based resources which summarise primary sources for example Wikipidia are seen as an inappropriate and will not be accepted as a valid source in support of your work.

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