Explain what a “high concept” film is and to provide background information on this way of making films.

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One part (about 50%) of your paper should present what you have found to be the most interesting and important aspect of your subject. The remainder of your paper, growing out of the first, should be your own original analysis of one film that represents the topic you’re dealing with. This analysis should be based on careful multiple viewings of the film; you should screen the film you intend to analyze in greater detail at least 2-3 times. The paper should reveal a general knowledge of your subject, a mastery of the film you’re working on, and an ability to apply to the segment of the film your are examining the analytic tools needed to explain the films relationship to the class or group of films you have researched. You must have a Works Cited section at the end of your paper, and you must cite the class textbook, American Film: A History and at least two other (non-web) articles or books. Scholarly articles found in the library databases are appropriate and do count as sources The steps you need to take are: Select a topic Research that topic in the library Read the information you have found Watch 2-3 films that are related to the topic Select one film to focus on Use your research and notes to write your paper.


And the topic I choose is below Justin Wyatt points to the “high concept” method, which places marketing as the driving force behind creative decision-making in mainstream Hollywood films. Using a high-profile film, construct a case study of how one specific title was distributed and marketed to audiences in the period 1980-pesent. Be sure to explain what a “high concept” film is and to provide background information on this way of making films.

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