Explain Feiler’s concept of noise as exile in his article “Exile as Noise – Noise as Exile” (Feiler)

– Read the 3 articles below:
“Music as Torture – Music as Weapon”(Cusick)
“Exile as Noise – Noise as Exile” (Feiler)
“Noise and Politics” (Atalli) 

2- Using your own words, summarize each article. 1-2 paragraphs per article. (4 points)

3- Explain Feiler’s concept of noise as exile. Elaborate your opinion(s) about his article. Feel free to draw connections with external and /or personal examples. (2 points)


4- Explain Cusick’s concept of no touch torture and explain the importance of the distinction between “music” and “sound” in her article (2 points)

5- Considering Atalli’s article, freely elaborate your opinion about the relationship between music, noise and power. (2 points)

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