Explain briefly the items generally included in a company’s annual report.

  • Accurate response stated in student’s own words. 
    • Students who merely copy an answer from the text book, solutions manual, website, or another student will receive zero credit.  
  • Response stated clearly and concisely.
  • Spelling and sentence structure  
  • Type the question and answer them correctly. 

1. Explain briefly the items generally included in a company’s annual report.

3. Discuss the relationship among the income statement, the statement  of retained earnings, and the balance sheet.

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4. Identify several items that may required disclosure in the notes that accompany financial statements.

5. What type of account are referred to as temporary or nominal accounts? What is meant by these terms?

6. What type of accounts are referred to as permanent or real accounts? What is meant by these terms?

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7. Explain why the dividends account is closed directly to the retained earnings account.

8. Which accounts appear in a company’s after-closing trail balance? How do these accounts differ from those reported in an adjusted trial balance?

9. Can a company be profitable but not liquid? Explained.

12. How does depreciation expense differ from other operating expenses?

13. Explain the need for closing entries and describes the process by which temporary owners equity accounts are closed at year-end.

14. Explain the significance of measuring a company’s return on equity.

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