Expansion of islam and when europeans arrived in the new world

 Two and a half pages for each part Will be graded on- 1) thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion; 2) organization and structure; 3) use of evidence, examples, and content to support your analysis; and 4) writing mechanics and style. 5) In text citation using berger Part one- Discuss the expansion of Islam from the Arabian Peninsula to the surrounding regions. What were the political, economic, and cultural implications of Islamic expansion? Consider the cases of Europe, Southwest Asia, and Africa in your discussion. Part two- When Europeans arrived in the New World, they encountered complex societies that in some ways resembled their own. (See, for example, Cortez’s description of Tenochtitlan in Berger, page 369.) Compare Mesoamerican and Andean societies to European society in terms of social structure, religion, economy, and gender relations. What did these societies have in common and how were they different? Explain the reasons for their differences.

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