Examine the role of technology in modern society


The purpose of this project is to examine the role of technology in modern society and how it impacts individuals through the development of a plan that addresses a local or global problem relating to technology

For this project, you will choose a local or global issue that pertains to technology. The chosen issue should also relate to one or more of the topics that have been addressed in this course (technologies’ influence on relationships, policies and regulations, identity, gender, health, social class, etc.). ). Some examples of broad issues within these topics can be located here. In this presentation, you will explain a chosen issue and how it pertains to technology and provide a plan of action for addressing this issue. This plan includes recommendations for improvements as well as strategies and a plan for implementing the recommendations. You will develop your plan as a multimedia presentation that includes an oral narration component. This oral component should be a recorded oral narration that accompanies your multimedia presentation. You will be required to provide written speaker notes that correspond with your presentation in a separate Word document. Be sure to support your answers with appropriate evidence. 


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