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Examine the imagery of at least one poem

answer the question and respond to the two students

Examine the imagery of at least one poem in this module. What images does it present? How do those images contribute to the theme, idea, and/or message of the poem? Cite specific examples from the poem to support your answer.





Response 1

After reading the poem Poetry by Marianne Moore, I found examples of imagery that relate to the theme/ideas of the poem. In my opinion, this poem is about the speakers (maybe Marianne Moore) feelings on poetry. At the beginning, it is made out to believe that the speaker does not like poetry, “I too, dislike it” (Moore). However, as the poem continues, imagery aids in representing the point that the speaker actually does like poetry. The speaker describes the feelings that come when they read poetry, “Reading it, however, with a perfect contempt for it, one discovers that / there is in / it after all, a place for the genuine. / Hands that can grasp, eyes / that can dialate, hair that can rise” (Moore). By incorportating imagery in throughout the poem, the audience gains a sense of what it may feel like to read poetry. When I read this poem, I was able to imagine my hands grasping a poem, my eyes dialating while reading it, and my hair rising due to being moved by the poem.


Response 2 nagat

The poem of Emily Dickson, I’m “Wife”, is a poem that portrays a different image of her or the transition from a young girl to a woman. She starts off with “I’m wife, I’ve finished that” (Dickinson), and then continues with words that describe who she is as a person. The idea/message in this poem, I believe, is a message of independence and womanhood. Even though she was a young girl/woman, she was seen just as a “wife” at some point, but she explains she is more than that. Many people will interpret this poem differently because it can mean so many different things. I also see her sending a message of transitioning between a young girl to a woman, and feeling safer as a woman. But in the end when she says “I’m Wife! Stop there!” (Dickinson), it is as if that is all she can be and who she will be now that she is a woman. Like I have mentioned before, this poem can be interpreted in many ways depending on the reader’s perspective and experiences in life.















This is a one page response


Usually, for our one-page responses, I request that you pick a short quotation from the book that you think exemplifies some larger theme or motif in the book, and then explain as concisely as possibly why the passage you have chosen illustrates some larger aspect of the book. However, for this assignment, I thought it would be easier to try to answer one of the following prompts. You need only respond to one:

1. Select two poems from the list above from different authors, and compare and contrast the conflicts of the poem. What are the speakers dealing or struggling with in the poems?

2. Identify two poems from the list above from different authors that have a similar theme. What theme are the two poems expressing? Do they express this message in similar or different ways?

Like all of the other one-page responses, this only needs to be a page long, double-spaced. As always, if you end up writing two pages, that’s not a problem! 🙂

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