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Evolving Role of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Evolving Role of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

My name is Ramak Vaziri and I am from California (Pacific Time). I have been a registered nurse for the past 7 years. This course is important to me as a family nurse practitioner as I am going to be responsible for the care of children and families. As such, the topics and information to be covered in this course helps in preparing myself for dealing with the spectrum of pediatric primary care. I have always been fascinated in taking care of children’s health problems. My key strengths include listening and communication, good judgment, problem solving, and offering advice to parents. For one to be successful as a Family Nurse Practitioner, one should have empathy, sensitivity, and respect as these are essential for a child nurse (Aruda & Griffin, 2017). I possess all these attributes, and I believe that I will be successful in this field. However, there are some challenges that one can face including dealing with parents that are constantly stress. Understandably, parents are often stressed when their child is ill (Martyn, Jean & Gutknecht, 2016). Evolving Role of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners



As such, there is a likelihood of facing stressed parents day after day as the pediatric nurse. Also, there is the challenge of facing a child that is difficult to deal with. My career goals and objectives are: 1) to gain knowledge on synthesizing medical knowledge and history-taking towards formulating appropriate assessments and plans; 2) to gain knowledge that can make me comfortable with pediatric exam, both of infants and children; and 3) to gain knowledge towards recognizing and management of emergent issues via simulation sessions. This course provides the necessary topics and practical simulations that can equip me with knowledge in accomplishing these goals and objectives. References Aruda, M. & Griffin, V. (2017). The evolving role of pediatric nurse practitioners. Journal of American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 12(3), 12 – 23. doi:10.1002/2327-6924.12289 Martyn, K., Jean, M. & Gutknecht, S. (2016). The pediatric nurse practitioner workforce: Meeting the health care needs of children. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 27(5), 400 – 405. doi: 10.1016/j.pedhc.2013.03.005 Evolving Role of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

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