Evolution of Genre

 Overview The last three weeks have given you the opportunity to delve deeper into the history of a specific film genre. Now you will synthesize that research into your final “Evolution of a Genre” audio/visual presentation. What You’ll Need Your laptop Internet access One of the following programs (audio/visual presentation): Keynote PowerPoint QuickTime Player iMovie Adobe Premiere Pro Your Week 2 and 3 Projects Prepare Based on the rough draft of your script from Project 3 and the feedback from your instructor, complete a finalized draft of your “Evolution of a Genre” project script. Remember to address the following points in your script: The development of the selected genre. The genre’s importance in the history of cinema. Any forces or events that have influenced the way that the genre has changed over time. How the genre (or a specific film within the genre) has been affected by technological, economic, or social change within the film industry. How social norms have influenced the genre, as well as the impact that the genre has had on society and popular culture. Gather the audio and visual elements for your project. Audio elements can include: Voiceover Music Audio clips from films and/or interviews, etc. Visual elements can include: Still images Film and Television clips Webcam or other footage shot by you, etc. You must provide APA-style citations for anything that you quote or paraphrase, and any audio/visual elements that you did not create. List these references at the end of your presentation or include the citations at the bottom of each slide/shot where the item was referenced. Here are some resources for including citations in your work: APA Citation Style Guide from Landmark College Purdue Online Writing Lab APA Formatting and Style Guide APA Citation Generator Create With your finalized script and the audio/visual elements you gathered, create a 5–7 minute longaudio/visual presentation using one of the following programs. Keynote PowerPoint iMovie Adobe Premiere Pro

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