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Evaluating Patient-Provider Interaction

We will be using videos from the website: http://videos.bravewell.org/ For each paper: • Choose a video from the website (must choose a different video for each paper). • Watch the video (I suggest doing this several times, and taking notes throughout) • Apply perspectives from readings, classroom discussion, and personal insights to critically analyze the interaction. o Focus both on the patient’s AND provider’s perspective, verbal and nonverbal communication, etc. • Questions to consider: o What happened in the interaction? Why did it go the way it did? How was it successful? Unsuccessful? What did the patient want? Did they achieve their goals? Why, or why not? Who had a stake in the interaction besides the patient and provider? What communication model was used? Was the provider satisfied? Why or why not? How would the interaction be improved? Here is the textbook used in the class. Please use it with direct quotation and as a primary source. Sparks, L. & Villagran, M. (2010). Patient and provider communication: A global health perspective (1st edition). Malden, MA: Polity.

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