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Ethics, Standards and Nursing Frameworks

Ethics, Standards and Nursing Frameworks

Week 6 Schizophrenia Case Study Write 2-3 paragraphs addressing the questions below using APA format of this scenario. The entire paper should be no more than 2-3 pages in length not including the title page and reference page. Include 3 peer reviewed scholarly nursing journals as references. Support your rationales with the literature. Scenario I: Mr. J. has just received a diagnosis of schizophrenia. During a recent outpatient visit, he confides to a nurse that he just has stress and does not think that he really has any psychiatric problems. Identify assessment areas that should be pursued before the patient leaves his appointment. How would you confront the denial (Townsend, 2015, p. 370)?Ethics, Standards and Nursing Frameworks



Scenario II: Discuss how therapeutic communication might have to change when working with a person with schizophrenia who is displaying primarily negative symptoms. How will you deal with the person’s diminished response to you (both verbally and emotionally) when you are teaching or giving instructions for activities? How will you help the person compensate for some of his or her cognitive deficits (Townsend, 2015, p. 370) ? Scenario III: Ms. R. was prescribed olanzapine (Zyprexa) for schizophrenia one month ago. Since her last monthly visit, she has gained 15 pounds. She is considering discontinuing her medication regimen because of the weight gain. Develop a plan to address her weight gain and her intention to discontinue her medication regimen (Townsend, 2015, p. 370). References Townsend, M.C. (2015). Psychiatric mental health nursing: Concepts of care in evidence-based practice. (8th ed.). F.A. Davis Company _____________________________________________________________________ Schizophrenia Case Study Quality of Content (80 Points) 1). _____/10 APA Cover page, Schizophrenia Case Study, 2-3 pages in length (excluding cover and reference pages), Introduction of topic, conclusion, and include level of headings in your paper. 2). ____/20 pts Scenario I 3). ____/25 pts Scenario II 4). ____/25 pts Scenario III Include 3 Peer reviewed Scholarly journals, and websites if applicable. Quality of Writing (20 Points) __/5: Format – Professional Presentation and if Text meets APA/MSN standards __/5: Organization – Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking __/5: Precision – Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely __/5: Mechanics – Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly Ethics, Standards and Nursing Frameworks

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