Ethical and Legal Reflection Paper

 Answer the following questions in a well-written paper: Which ethical approach do you think is the most useful for nurses when they plan for or deal with a natural disaster, and why did you select that approach? Discuss some ways nurses can prevent developing moral distress when their personal decision-making processes conflict with the processes that must be used during times of disaster. Discuss how the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics provides guidance for nurses who respond to natural disaster. RUBRIC REQUIREMENTS: Responds clearly, thoroughly, and eloquently to all assignment prompts. Responses are reflective and insightful. Responses include detail that enhance the main ideas of the prompts. All content is accurate and/or supported. The introduction is inviting, eloquently states the main topic, and provides a succinct overview of the paper. The body information is highly relevant and presented in a logical order. Transitions between ideas are smooth. The conclusion addresses the subject of the paper and provides meaningful insights into the subject.

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