Environmental science

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This reading synthesis should be based on two readings that you choose from all available readings and should include three sections:
(1) citation, keywords, and summary for article #1,
(2) citation, keywords, and summary for article #2, and
(3) your reflections on how the two papers relate to one another.
The citation should be in APA format. If you need an APA refresher, please visit the Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.).
The keywords should be a list of 3-5 words or phrases related to the main content of the reading (e.g. pest control, bee diversity, cover crop management).
The summary can be written in bullet points or full sentences, should be ½ page long, and should include items like research questions, location, methods, and management recommendations.
The reflection should (a) comment on how the two articles relate to one another in terms of content and methodology, (b) include questions or ideas the readings sparked for you, and (c) be ~1 page long.
Your reading synthesis should be about 2 pages total, double spaced, and should have your name at the top of the page.
Reading syntheses will be graded based on completeness of the summaries and thoughtfulness of the reflection section.
Reading Synthesis #1 – Choose two of the following papers for your assignment:
Hanson, H. 1939. Ecology in Agriculture. Ecology 20(2): 111-117
Park, S., Hongu, N., Daily, J.W. III. 2016. Native American foods: History, culture, and influence on modern diets. Journal of Ethnic Foods 3(3): 171-177
Why Hunger. 2015. Agroecology: Putting Food Sovereignty into Action
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 2011. Farmer Field Schools Implementation Guide: Part I Key Principles of Farmer Field School. P25-37.

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