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Environmental Resource Management

This question is a “narrative” or a letter to yourself written 100 years years in the future .  The idea is to come up with a plausible future and how you as a resource manager helped bring this future.  Apply information to some future outlook for Humankind and the Planet (possibly including other organisms).  This does not have to be all encompassing, using details from all sections of resource management.  Incorporate Resource Management to fashion a future.  Think about “Cultural Carrying Capacities” and how your future population fits into this. Remain very specific but then you should be very detailed.  The point is to conceptualize a future and substantiate how “we” got there.  For instance you might say that the consequences of global warming caused the world community to reduce the use of fossil fuels even though many oil and oil shale producing countries fought the legislation…However, your replies should be energetically (thermodynamically and physicochemically sound).  

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