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TOPIC 1: What is one of the key messages that Get Out conveys to viewers about race in twenty-first- century American society?English homework help

Passing papers need to meet all of the following bulleted criteria:
• consistently argue the thesis in affirmative argument body paragraphs that have a fairly standard

“sandwich” or MEAL structure.

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• for support, use extensive textual evidence in the form of specific scenes, descriptions, or stretches of dialogue from the film, or the equivalent from the story.English homework help

• to support your view or the opposition’s, include at least one cited quotation from Michael Omi’s article “In Living Color: Race and American Culture.”

• to support your view or the opposition’s, or to define a useful term or discuss background, include a cited paraphrase from Michael Omi, Brittney Cooper (“Hollywood’s Post-Racial Mirage”), or Matt Zoller Seitz (“The Offensive Movie Cliché That Won’t Die”).

• include a chunk of embedded counterargument in a body paragraph. Bold the opposition’s claim. • include an MLA list of works cited (I will provide entries). Do not perform any outside research.


Often, people will write a thesis saying that Get Out “sends the message of racial division” (or racism, or something of that nature). Racial division is a phenomenon, not a message. I can say the same of racism. What about racial division? What about racism? What is the film saying about the phenomenon? English homework help

I also frequently see Get Out papers that merely trace parallels. For example, a paragraph might argue that the auction scene resembles slave auctions. Such a paragraph is not arguing about a message.

Other people wind up arguing something they believe about society rather than what the film is saying about society. These folks take a position on a social issue and then use movie examples to illustrate what they mean or to support their position


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