English 15: Introduction to Shakespeare Paper 2: “Slow” or “Close” Reading Assignment

-1250-1500 words (five to six pages); accounts for 25% of the final grade -Due Monday, December 10, by noon. Please submit a hard copy of the paper to your TA’s mailbox and post a virtual copy to the course site on gauchospace Description For this paper you will perform a “slow” or “close” reading of a short passage from one of the five plays we have read this quarter provided that you did not write about that play for the first paper. You are free to choose the brief passage you will analyze, but it is important to avoid passages addressed in detail in lecture and passages that your section has discussed. Through a careful analysis of Shakespeare’s choice of words and images, you will demonstrate how the particular passage you have chosen reflects larger themes or ideas within the play as a whole. The focus here is microcosmic. Dig into your chosen passage and see what you can find. Feel free to make reference to other parts of the text as necessary to prove your point, but your main focus should be on the details of the short passage you choose. Please avoid rehashing materials discussed in lecture. If you have any questions about the paper, please come see me or one of the section leaders. Front page Start the essay on the second sheet.

Dedicate the front page of the paper to the following: 1) your name 2) the title of the paper 3) the number of words in the paper excluding all the material on this front page (name, title, thesis, etc) 4) the thesis statement of the paper (copied from the paper itself) 5) act, scene, and line numbers of the passages cited in the paper; these should be copied from the paper itself (e.g. 3.2.1-10; 4.1.5-29; 1.6.212-220; etc) Citation -Citations should be given whenever you quote the play. Plays should be cited by act, scene, and line numbers as follows: 3.5.16-22 (indicates that the quoted passage can be found in Act 3, Scene 5, Lines 16-22) 2.4.15-30 (indicates that the quoted passage can be found in Act 2, Scene 4, Lines 15-30) Always place citations in parentheses: (3.5.16-22).

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