ENG4U1 English

Your task is to create an interactive infographic that examines one of the main characters of theplay ?Henry IV part 1?. Your reflection will be made using the site smore.com – you will addimages, short textual critical analysis, 2 quotes, videos, music links, charts, a “favourites” list(songs, movies, books, sports are some ideas – others?) and any other important informationthat offers insight into your chosen character.Character:?Prince HalConsider:What interesting fact or details do you want to leave the reader with about yourcharacter?What symbols best represent your character?3 themes that present in the play connected to your character. Write theme statementsfor each, with quotations to support your thinking.Looking at characterizationWhat are three data points that are important to know about the character. Back themup with quotations and don’t forget to include citations (Act.Scene.Line)

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