Energy Demand and Technologies: Future Energy Scenarios

Your final project asks you to construct two “future energy scenarios” describing how the world will meet its energy demands over the period of 2050 to 2075. The two scenarios differ in whether the emission of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, for our purposes) is constrained. You are given a base energy demand and a list of technologies available to meet demand in 2050, as well as constraints on the availability of fossil fuels following 2050. This base data for 2050 is taken from the 2017 EIA International Energy Outlook. You are to use the “1 page summaries” of alternative energy technologies to decide how to meet demand. You are welcome, but not required, to consider technologies not covered in class for which a summary is available; however, you should then detail the assumptions and basis for these assumptions in your report.

Your final result should be a report (maximum 10 pages, 12 point font, single spaced) detailing your choices as to how you will meet the energy demand over this period. You should also hand in your final spreadsheet (modified from the given base spreadsheet) showing your calculations. 

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